Units 3&4 Outline

VCE Media Units 3&4 are an opportunity for students to refine their media production skills and develop a greater understanding of the mass media. In Unit 3, students study Narrative, develop the plan for their media production and experiment with media production technology. In Unit 4, students explore how media texts reflect the views and values of society and touch on issues surrounding media influence.

If you are getting started with Units 3&4 VCE Media, you might like to check out our podcast which talks you through all of the important ideas and concepts as well as our articles Preparing for VCE Media and Unit 3 Extension Activities.

Students in Units 3&4 Media should familiarise themselves with the key knowledge and key skills for each outcome in the VCE Media Study Design.


VCE Media Units 3&4 has several learning outcomes. For each of these learning outcomes, you are expected to complete all classroom activities and school assessed coursework to a satisfactory standard.

Narratives and their contexts

In VCE Media Unit 3, students study a narrative and its context. For example, students may study how the societal context of a narrative shaped its construction, either explicitly or implicitly.  They also study how context might influence audience readings of a narrative.

  • Video essay or multimedia presentation (20 marks). Students produce a video essay or multimedia presentation on the narrative they have studied in class.
  • Short responses (20 marks). Students complete short answer responses on the narrative. This task is conducted in exam conditions and students may not bring notes or other materials into the assessment task. The duration of this task is 50 minutes.

School-assessed task

In Units 3&4 Media, students will complete a school-assessed task which comprises of: research; development; experimentation; pre-production planning; production; and post-production. Students should check the VCAA website for a list of media forms, durations, and assessment criteria.

Research, development and experimentation

In Unit 3 Media, students will complete a research portfolio that explores aspects of their selected media form. They will also develop skills required to make a short film. When preparing to make their major project for the year, students will complete production experiments exploring the equipment and processes they will need to make their film.

Pre-production planning

In Unit 3 Media, students will create a plan a media product. This will include a range of planning documents including a treatment, screenplay, shotlists, storyboards and call sheets.

Media production

After they have completed their production design plan, students will embark on the production of their media product. Principal photography for this project typically occurs during the mid-year holidays. A finished version of the film is submitted early in Unit 4 for feedback. Students have a further two weeks to make refinements and changes to their project before it is submitted for assessment. It is expected that most of the work for this task will be completed outside of class.

Agency and control in the media

During their study of Agency and Control, students will consider the increasingly complex relationship between media and audiences. Contemporary media increasingly challenges the way we have traditionally thought about notions of influence. In this outcome, you will consider how audiences create, consume and might be influenced by the media. You will discuss issues such as user generated content, laws, policies and regulation.

  • Written report (20 marks). Students will complete a written report on the influence of media and audiences.
  • Essay response (20 marks). Students will respond to two unseen essay topics. This task will be conducted in test conditions, students are not permitted to bring notes or other materials into this task.

EDSC Resources

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