Storyboarding a villain sequence

Now that we’ve thought about how we might represent this character in print media, let’s make things a little more complicated. Imagine that you’re a filmmaker creating a film about this villain. Plan a sequence with no more than twenty shots to introduce your villain. Keep in mind that you will actually have to make this so think realistically. You also cannot have excessive violence or explicit language. The storyboards will be annotated, showing a clear sense of how you will use the following techniques to represent this character:

  • Camera techniques. Camera angle: overshot, high angle, eye level, low angle, undershot. Shot size: extreme long shot, long shot, full shot, medium shot, medium close up, close up, extreme close up. Camera movement: crane, dolly. dolly in, dolly out, handheld, pan, pedestal, point-of-view shot, snorricam, static, steadicam. tilt, tracking, vertigo effect, whip pan, zoom. Focus: deep focus, depth of field, pull focus, shallow depth of field.
  • Acting. Movement, gesture, facial expression, tone of voice.
  • Mise en scene. Set, make up, props, costume, colour, composition.
  • Editing. Audio match cut, continuity editing. cut away. cut in, dissolve, fade in. fade out, fast motion, jump cut. match on action, montage, parallel editing, shot reverse shot, slow motion, smash cut, speed ramping, superimposition, time-lapse, visual match cut, wipe, wipe by cut.
  • Lighting. Source: Key light, fill light, three point lighting, reflected, spot, flood, incandescent, fluorescent, daylight, ambient. Direction: Front light, back light, hair light, side light, rim light, under light. Quality: Hard, soft, diffuse. Temperature: Warm, cozy, yellow, white, cool, cold, blue. Shadows.
  • Sound. On screen, off screen, transitional, pre-lap, post-lap, audio match cut, inner voice, remembered sound, distorted sound, spoken writing, personal narration, impersonal narration, diegetic, non-diegetic, music, score, song, contrapuntal, ambience, sound effects.

Pitch the storyboards you create to the class, explaining how you are going to represent this villain.

Sample storyboards

Here are some sample storyboards that might inspire you!