Despite the old maxim that you should never work with children or animals, Mongrel has a great performance from a kelpie! Terrific use of locations and age-appropriate actors make this an engaging short film. I challenge you not to tear up when the old man points his gun at the dog!

Mango Tree

Mango Tree is an endearing stop-motion, music video for the Angus and Julia Stone song Mango Tree. The animation features mango trees being drawn on the side of suburban sheds plus some pretty neat origami birds. The animation is quirky and charming. If you’re interested in doing stop motion animation, also consider checking out the work of Pes on YouTube.

Free Parking

Free Parking is an amusing mockumentary that parodies a very specific type of overly serious skateboarding and extreme sports videos. Except, it’s about a rogue group of teenagers out to score free parking.

The Fall of SOPA

The Fall of SOPA is a visually stunning example of kinetic typography which looks at the online campaign that shelved the Stop Online Piracy Act. The animation, which was selected for Top Screen 2013, was inspired by the television program Hungry Beast.

Teen Film

Teen Film

The teen film dates back to the 1950s, with films like The Wild One (1953), Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and Blackboard Jungle (1955).1 The 1950s was …

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