Call Sheets

Call sheets are documents used by filmmakers to organise a shoot. It details when actors should arrive on the set and what time you will start shooting particular scenes. Here is a Microsoft Word template. It includes a cover letter that you may attach to the document outlining the responsibilities that the cast and crew have in your production.

On low budget films, it’s also a good idea to have a list of contacts numbers for the cast and crew attached to the call sheet. If someone is running late, they can give you a call and the schedule can be adjusted accordingly.

Another good idea is to have a list of all the props and equipment required for principal photography. The director can use the list to check off equipment as it’s collected in anticipation of the shoot. This is not something you would make available to the cast and crew unless they’re responsible for bringing particular items.

The success of your media production depends on a smooth shoot. You can make principal photography a lot easier by using organisational tools like these.