Concrete Cage

Concrete Cage is a poignant animation about a man stuck in a dead-end job. The characters are exceptionally well realised and convey a great deal of humanity. Part of the film’s appeal is that it encourages you to believe that the end is going to be bleak before taking the narrative in a completely different direction.

Cartoon Cookies

Cartoon Cookies is a completely adorable stop motion animation which combines quirky illustrations with real objects and shows the process of making…well, cartoon cookies! “My whiteboard stop-motion animation is my first attempt at animation that features a mixture of realistic and non-realistic elements,” said filmmaker Alexandra Maranon. “I really enjoyed making the animation and the end result was really rewarding.” Cartoon Cookies was selected for Top Screen 2013.

The Black Pages

The Black Pages is an engaging suspense film about a girl who discovers a telephone book that allows her to contact the dead. In the opening sequence, a beautiful sense of visual composition brings the idyllic country setting to life. The Black Pages demonstrates how important colour correction is to storytelling. Desaturated blues are used to create an ominous and unsettling tone.

Ball Art

Ball Art, which explores the manufacture of cricket balls, is a great example of motion typography. Shot on a DSLR, the film feature gorgeous depth of field and beautifully composed shots that show every stage of a cricket ball’s construction. The narration is augmented by motion typography that interacts in a seamless and lively way with the footage. If you’re interested in making this type of film, consider checking out some other motion typography on YouTube.