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Unit 1 Outline

Unit 1 Outline

VCE Media Unit 1 explores media representation and media technology. During the course you will be involved in both studying media texts and creating your own media products. As noted in the VCE Media Study Design: “In this unit students develop an understanding of the relationship between the media, technology and the representations present in media forms. They study the relationships between media technologies, audiences and society. Students develop practical and analytical skills, including an understanding of the contribution of codes and conventions to the creation of meaning in media products, the role and significance of selection processes in their construction, the role audiences play in constructing meaning from media representations, and the creative and cultural impact of new media technologies.”

VCE Media Unit 1 has three learning outcomes. For each of these outcomes, students must complete a range of activities to develop their knowledge and skills. Their understanding will be assessed using a number of assessment tasks throughout the semester. Students must complete all learning activities and assessment tasks to obtain a satisfactory grade for the unit.

Learning Outcomes

Representation. During their study of representation, students will describe a range of media representations and explain how the process of representation reproduces the world differently to their direct experience of it. Students will study the representation of villains in films and television, describing aspects of their construction and the social and cultural context of these representations. Students will examine the representation of gender in the media, discussing how representations of gender in movie posters have changed over time and engaging with the discussion of gender in the documentary Miss Representation.

Technologies of representation. Students construct representations in two or more media forms. Students will create representations of a villain in video and in print.

New media. Students discuss the creative and cultural implications of new media technologies for the production and consumption of media products. Students will study a number of forms of new technology and discuss the implications of new media. They will create their own short documentary about new media, learning about composition, three point lighting and documentary sound. Students will also study the possibilities and changes occurring as a result of the creative revolution and digital film.

Unit 3 Timeline

Assessment Task
Introduction to representation, villain movie poster and storyboards
Week 1
Representation revision, representation of villains essay
Week 2
Storyboarding a villain sequence
Week 3
Practice shooting exercise
Week 4
Editing villain sequence
Week 5
Editing villain sequence
Practice SAC #1
Week 6
Representations of gender
Week 7
Gender in movie posters
Treatment, Screenplay
Week 8
Introduction to New Media
Week 9
Practice SAC #2
Week 10
Side by Side, planning your new media documentary
Narrative SAC
Week 11
Shooting your new media documentary
Shotlist, Storyboards
Week 12
Editing your new media documentary
Week 13
Editing your new media documentary
Production Exercise #1
Week 14
Exam revision
Week 15
Exam revision
Production Exercise #2